Experimental features of Android P


Experimental features (which are currently hidden within a menu called Feature Flags) such as a redesigned About Phone page in settings, and automatic Bluetooth enabling while driving.

What Are Flag Mobile Features?

Flag mobile features are those features in which you give a command to your Android phone. Simply, why using these features, you make a condition to your phone and make your phone function in a particular manner. This helps your apps function in the way you want to. This is the best customizing option that is offered by some top app development companies.

Getting Started

Here is a guide that will help you to understand how to use the flag features. Each App development company has set some guidelines, which one has to follow in this realm. Below are the two basic bullet points.

First and foremost, set up the Android development environment and the ‘Hellow World’. After this, on your ‘Run Your App’ page, follow the instructions of ‘Run On Emulator’. This is for your backup.

Once done with this, you will be able to modify your app's behavior by doing some coding. The coding is done according to the change you want in your app. Therefore, it is different for a different purpose.

Some Of The Top Picks!

Under this heading are some feature flags for your Android made by top app develpment company, which are very useful. Know about them and mold your Android apps according to you. Most of them are chrome feature flags for Androids.

  • Android P Developer Preview - Well, this is not a feature from chrome but a very known one at present. This is the newest and most popular experimental function nowadays. This can help you in many many ways. For example, you can set messaging style, notification updates in a way you want. At present, it is available only for few Android devices. But there is a hope that soon this feature can be used by all Android devices of top companies.
  • Switch Your Pages - You can open lots of tabs while browsing. This is one of the best things about Chrome. This feature has given an advantage to Android. The flipside is that people often forget to close the already opened tab. For the same purpose, they again open the new tab. This ‘switch to an existing tab’ experimental feature allows you to open the tab of your requirement with the help of a New Tab Page suggestion. When your URL matches, the same tab opens up.
  • Read In The Best Format - If you are the one who loves reading, then here best experimental feature from android app development company for you! This article reader feature will present your article in the best format. No URLs and other unnecessary things will be displayed on your mobile phone. This is done using the ‘Reader Mode Triggering’. Select and enable the mode of your choice and you are done!
  • Browse Faster - Most app development companies promise the faster browsing features but sometimes they fail. But using the chrome flag of ‘Quic Protocol’ you are guaranteed fast browsing. QUIC is a combination of UCP and TCP which makes your connection establishment faster and secure. This is done by enabling ‘Experimetal Quick protocol’. Once done, even n bad days you will have faster connections and would not have to request a multiple times.

Be Innovative!

There are so many other experimental features that are present for Android users. These have made the lives of Android users really easy. You can develop many voice commands, enable Bluetooth while drive, voice answering calls and what not. The only thing to remember here is before enabling any of these features, pay a great attention to the method that is followed. This is because if you go wrong, you will stick your phone with a lot of extremely complicate technical issues!

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  1. Sunny Shah
    Sunny Shah Reply

    It's not clear in Android P if the flags are here to stay or they are only be around for the developer previews.

  2. Amay Jill
    Amay Jill Reply

    Developers and also users are aware about the existence of Chrome's hidden flag menu which holds a list of toggles for experimental features.

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